• Image of VR6 Mocal Oil Cooler Kit
  • Image of VR6 Mocal Oil Cooler Kit
  • Image of VR6 Mocal Oil Cooler Kit

Wether running NA or adding boost to your VR6 motor sometimes you need more oil cooling then the OEM system can provide. This 19 row mocal oil cooler kit includes a thermo sandwich plate that will let the oil get up to proper operating temp before sending it to the cooler.

Included in kit:

- 1x Mocal low profile sandwich plate w/ themo & long/short adapters
- 1x Mocal HD 19 row oil cooler
- 2x Sandwich plate adapter fittings
- 2x Sandwich plate adapter seals
- 4x Oetiker clamps
- 2x 45° Titanium pushlock fittings
- 1x Straight Titanium pushlock fitting
- 1x 90° Titanium pushlock fitting
- 5' Aeroquip socketless hose

**Please contact us for optional items such as larger coolers, fans, banjo fittings for tight radius, or swivel style fittings & braided hose**

Mocal HD 235 Cooler Specs:
Overall Dimensions: 13" Wide x 2" Core Thickness x 5-3/4" Height
Core Height: 5.78" (147mm)
Dry Weight: 2.8 lbs (1.24kg)
Fluid Capacity: 0.40 QT (0.38L)